Born in Ankara, Ufuk Ali completed her degree in Fine Art, at the Faculty of Education, Gazi University. That same year, she relocated to London where she continued developing herself as an artist and expanding her creative horizons in one of the world’s greatest Art capitals. In London also, she married and built a family.

Ufuk’s has been a bohemian life full of art and international travel. Over the years she’s lived in a number of countries, including the United States (North Carolina); Austria (Vienna) and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), where she exhibited her works. In 1994, she returned to London, where she continued her education in fine art (Islington Shepperton College); and then completed a second degree in Interior Design at the London Metropolitan University. At the end of 2017 she returned to Turkey, which is where she lives now.

Over the years, her work has undergone a considerable reform, from the simple compositions of still life and portraiture to the heady abstract of classical works she produces today. Ufuk’s artwork is a bold exploration of colour and form, and the sensations they evoke.

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